What is the Difference Between a Hospital Bed for the Home and a Regular Adjustable Bed

What is the Difference Between a Hospital Bed for the Home and a Regular Adjustable Bed

Both hospital beds and adjustable beds allow you to adjust the position of the head and foot sections, but they have different purposes:

Hospital beds for the home are designed to assist with mobility, medical needs and safety. They also prioritize features that make healing and caregiving easier, like:

  • Height adjustability: Allows caregivers to raise or lower the bed for easier access to patients and reduces strain on their backs.
  • Safety rails: Helps prevent falls, especially important for patients with limited mobility.
  • More precise adjustments: Electric hospital beds often have finer controls for positioning the head and foot for specific medical needs.
  • Additional features: Some hospital beds can be converted into a chair position or have attachments for medical equipment.
  • Durability: Built to withstand frequent use and cleaning with disinfectants.

Adjustable beds are designed for comfort and convenience in a home setting, but may lack the features of a multi-function homecare hospital bed They typically focus on features that enhance sleep quality and relaxation, such as:

  • Comfort features: May include massage functions, heated pads, and zero-gravity positioning for pressure relief.
  • But, They May not be height adjustable: Most adjustable beds only adjust the head and foot incline, not the entire bed height with the exception of hi-lo beds. 

Features Comparison: Hospital Beds VS Head/Foot Adjustable Beds

Adjustability: Both offer head, foot and height adjustment; however, hospital beds usually have more comprehensive adjustment options including hi-low and trendelenburg cardiac functions.
Safety Features: Hospital Beds often have safety rails and emergency positioning options. 
Comfort: Both types of beds focus on comfort and eliminating pressure points.


In short:

  • Hospital beds prioritize comfort based on more functions related to medical needs, mobility issues and safety.
  • Adjustable beds also prioritize comfort and relaxation within the head and foot functions.
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