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Transfer Master

Transfer Master Supernal 5 Hi-Low Adjustable Bed

Transfer Master Supernal 5 Hi-Low Adjustable Bed

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Transfer Master Supernal 5 Hi-Low Base features:

  • Head, Foot, and Hi-Low Adjustable Bed
  • Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, Cardiac Chair
  • Super low height for easy self transfer
  • Maximum height range for greatest flexibility
  • Standard weight capacity
  • Backlit wireless hand control for visibility
  • Variable massage settings
  • Wall-Hugger
  • Hi-Low Technology-the bed rises and lowers a full 12"-24” to make getting in and out easy
  • Sitting Range on Low Setting with Mattress added is only 19"
  • Sitting Range on High Setting with Mattress added is an amazing 31"
  • Therapeutic features, fashionable design — discreet electronics
  • Pair with the Supernal Therapeutic Mattress. Climate-controlled for your body.
  • Bio-sensitive mattress — helps prevent bed sores
  • Micro-climate ticking wicks away moisture, stabilizes temperature
  • Massage feature soothes your way to sleep
  • Anti-microbial fabric cleanable and stain resistant
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