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Encore ReadyWide Low Hospital Bed

Encore ReadyWide Low Hospital Bed

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With ReadyWide® Integrated Expansion and smart technology enabling advanced clinical and resident positioning.

  • Available in 500lb or 650lb (PLUS) safe working loads
  • ReadyWide® integrated for easy width expansion 39″ or 42″
  • Low-bed design with advanced clinical positioning
  • Trapezoidal slat profile has unmatched strength, ventilation, and ease of cleaning


  • Push-button ReadyWide expandability system up to 42″
  • Smart Stop low-position auto pause for under the bed safety
  • Foot-end controller with staff lockout
  • Easy to operate, ratchet-style vascular footrest
  • Trapezoidal slat profile provides unmatched strength, ventilation and ease of cleaning
  • Durable, antimicrobial coating
  • Vertical movement with virtually no horizontal movement

Readywide Integrated “Two Click” Expansion

  • Click once to pull expander out to 39″ wide.  Click again for 42″ width.
  • Navigates narrow doorways: expanders provide fast, hassle-free solution for in-facility bed mobility
  • Caregiver advantages:  Wider surface for safer, easier transfers and ADLs.
  • Plus model holds 650 lbs (standard model holds 500 lbs)
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