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Ergo Sportive

ErgoSportive Smart Adjustable Bed

ErgoSportive Smart Adjustable Bed

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ErgoSportive is a smart and adjustable bed that uses advanced smart sensor technology to improve the quality of your sleep and help you wake up feeling more refreshed. Access your personalized sleep data and receive customized recovery recommendations through the ErgoSportive App. Share your sleep report with your coach, trainer, physician or loved ones. More than just recovery, ErgoSportive offers unprecedented comfort for your favorite bed-time activities, such as TV-viewing, reading and resting.

ErgoSportive Adjustable Bed Features: 

ErgoSportive Adjustable Bed Specs:

  • The ErgoSportive™ Bed has built in non-contact health sensors that, in conjunction with the ErgoSportive app, will provide a detailed sleep report and personalized recovery recommendations. 
  • The Twin XL will monitor one user, the Queen will monitor one or two sleepers and the Split King will monitor two sleepers.  The Split King provides the additional benefit of independent adjustment control for two different sleepers. 

 ErgoMattress Features:

ErgoMattress Specs:

  • 11" Profile Thickness 
  • 2" 3lb. 10ILD Bamboo Charcoal Visco
  • 1" Latex (D75-80 24 ILD)
  • 3"x 3" Wedge Support
  • 1" 1.6lb. 18ILD Poly Foam
  • 7" 1.8lb. 32ILD Bamboo Charcoal Poly Foam with air channel on top and articulation cuts on the bottom

 ErgoMattress Hybrid Features:

 ErgoMattress Hybrid Specs:

  • 10" Profile Thickness
  • 2" 3lb. 10 ILD Bamboo Charcoal Visco.

  • 1"Latex (D75-8 24ILD)
  • 3"x 3" Wedge Support
  • 6" Pocket Coil + Side Perimeter Support Foam. 1.8lb 32ILD Bamboo Charoal Poly Foam
  • 1"1.6lb 32ILD Poly Base Foam 


10 year limited warranty







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