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Advantage ReadyWide Bed

Advantage ReadyWide Bed

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Discover smart technology for precise positioning with Advantage Beds. Comes with welded orthopedic no-sag grids to provide sturdy support and powder-coated individually with flexible polyester anti-microbial finish.

  • Orthopedic grid deck for flexibility and ventilation
  • Low-bed design with advanced clinical positioning
  • Optional tool-less expansion up to 42”


  • Precision welded orthopedic grid deck for no-sag support
  • Durable, antimicrobial polyester powder-coating
  • Vascular footrest with easy ratchet operation
  • Vertical movement with virtually no horizontal movement
  • Arched legs allow wide stance for clearance and stability
  • Baseboard bumpers protect walls
  • Standard hand pendant controller
  • Smooth deck surface, free from any protruding welds, for easy disinfection
  • Anchored corner retainers prevent mattress shifting and dangerous gaps
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